Rank determines how much income is made each hour, as well as other bonuses for each rank. Ranking up quickly is crucial to being a dominant player in a round. The amount of experience needed to increase rank increases for every rank.

Experience is gained by training stats, gaining percentage in a country (known as capping), and by attacking or being attacked by other players.

Ranks Edit

Rank # Abbr. Base Income Ability Estimate timer to rank
Private 1 Pvt. 1,000,000 N/A N/A
Corporal 2 Cpl. 1,250,000 Buy Infantry < 1 hour
Sergeant 3 Sgt. 1,500,000 Forums < 2 hours
Lieutenant 4 Lt. 2,000,000 Set Motto < 1 day
Captain 5 Cpt. 3,000,000 Buy Land Units
Major 6 Maj. 4,000,000 Buy Spec-ops
Lieutenant Colonel 7 Ltc. 5,500,000 Build Facilities
Colonel 8 Col. 7,500,000 Create Formation of 6
Brigadier 9 Brg. 8,750,000 Buy Aircraft
Major General 10 Mg. 10,000,000 Reimburse Unlocked
Lieutenant General 11 Ltg. 11,000,000 Vote for President
General 12 Gen. 12,250,000 ??
Field Marshall 13 Mar. 13,500,000 Buy Naval
Governor 14 Gov. 15,500,000 Formation Size Increased to 15
Ambassador 15 Amb. 18,000,000 Broadcast in Country
Senator 16 Sen. 20,000,000 Apply for President > 3 weeks
Vice President 17 V.P. 25,000,000 Access Presidential Operations, Mass Mail Must be Senator and appointed by President
President 18 Pres. 30,000,000 Launch Nukes Must be Senator and elected.

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